The Power of The Elastic Network™

In a world where 'change' is the only constant you need a network which enables you to change swiftly and seamlessly. That is why we at ECI have developed the ELASTIC Network™.

  • Guaranteed End User Experience

    Guaranteed performance

    Guaranteed availability

    Secure service


  • Increased Operational Efficiency and Reduced TCO

    Shortened time to market

    End-to-end visibility and control

    Network optimization

    In-field expandability

  • Risk-Free Transition to Packet

    Deterministic performance

    Mission Critical Service Assurance

    Flexible SCADA support

    Multi-layer security

    End-to-end visibility and control

  • Future-Proof for Tomorrow

    Pay as you grow, modular architecture

    Future-proof multiservice

  • Guaranteed Performance

    Lightning fast speeds and feeds
    Future-proof flexibility
    End-to-end visibility and control

  • Ultimate Security

    Layer 1 AES-256 GCM
    LightSec™ multi-layer cyber security

  • Minimized OPEX

    Reduced power consumption
    Maximized real-estate
    Increased operational efficiency

  • High Performance

    computing collaboration

  • Scalable

    for a broad range of needs

  • Platform for Innovation

    innovation and experimentation

  • Easy to Operate

    with a minimal staff

  • Great Protfolio of Products

    Tailor-make an offering to any customer

  • Training and Support

    Fast engagement and certification process

  • Tools and Promotions

    Marketing materials and opportunities for co-branding

  • Wide Range of Benefits

    Discounts, rebates and end-customer support

  • Prevent Attacks Where They Occur

  • Detect Real Threats from the Myriad of Alerts

  • Guard the Security of both your IT and OT infrastructure

  • Cost Effective Implementation

  • Automate service delivery

  • Assure network performance

  • Innovate on top of carrier-grade PaaS

  • Migrate smoothly and integrate seamlessly

  • New Profitable Services

    With Shorter Time To Market

  • High Performance

    Close to the End Customer

  • Best of Breed

    Virtualized Network Functions

  • Faster and Easier

    Operational Processes

  • Simple service creation and life cycle management

  • Proactive network assurance and maintenance

  • Optimization of multilayer network resources

  • Innovative on top of a carrier-grade PaaS

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Not all networks are created equal.
Choose a solution that is tailored to your needs.

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